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". . . it is just about 34 years ago,
since I left Caliornia,
but I still remember those ol' days:"

. . . the California - Sunshine.

. . . the redwoods in Sequoia national park 
      and the small village at Lake Hume in the middle of it.

. . . the friendly people I met.

. . . El Camino College (just a few evening classes).

. . . my landlord Bill Gibson and his grandson.

. . . Country and Western Musik, Gospels.

. . . getting my first driverlicence in my life, paying only 3 Dollars.

. . . being the proud owner of an 1953 Chevi Convertible for only $150.

I also remember that funny combination of two songs I heard in my car, while driving somewhere in the area of Palm Springs:

"Oh Lord don't let the rain come down"    
"It never rains in southern California"




It was a good time and a happy one I had in California!
And our Journey back to the old places this year in May 2000 was just great too. I'll tell you about it later (see calif-3.html).

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