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 My brother says on his German Homepage:
(Just keep in mind, that in Germany a „Bit“ is a very good „Bitburger Beer “)

Windows 98 can do almost everything because of the 32 Bit.
When I'm finished with the 32 Bit,
I also believe in anything.

Getting ready for my Journey back home to California

Please note:
The following lines were written  before  I made my trip!

I've returned from my journey to that beautiful (and hot!) California.

So if you like to see how it came out, just go direct to:   

My name is  Kurt Staudt ,  and I'm living with my family near Hamburg in Germany.

In the Sixties I have been living and working for roundabout 5 1/2 years in Lawndale, Gardena and Torrance (all in the Los Angeles-Basin, California).

After my daytime work as  a tool- and die-maker I attended some evening classes at the El Camino College in Torrance.

I had a good Time in California and, as I'm getting older, I feel something similar like getting homesick when I start remembering.
- I was just 20 in 1960 -

When I was seriously ill and in hospital in Spring 1999, my daughter decided on my place:

"Daddy, you always wanted to see California again. Next year you go with mommy, and I take care of your garden and the house".  

 - How could I refuse, I'm not getting younger every day. -

So I will take a trip to my "old Home-Country" at the beginning of May 2000.

Since I'm on old-age/disability-pension, I have to be thrifty (but not being a scrooge). So my wife and me will take a "Last-Minute-Flight" from Hamburg to New York.
Then we intend to take a Greyhound bus to LA. May be we will make one or the other stop in-between (Cheyenne (!), Salt Lake City).
But due to my health I probably will have to skip that bus and take a plane to L.A. instead.

Somewhere in the area of Gardena, I would like to rent a furnished apartment for about 3 weeks. We would prefer something which is close to a friendly older couple who can give some assistance to us, finding the old places. Don't forget, it is more than 33 years ago since I left California.

If any reader of this site is able to give me a helping hand, I would be grateful. Please just send me a line via my e-mail address:  (Since I'm back again, I don't need any help right now. But instead you may share my memories getting in contact by e-mail.)    netzgarten@kurt-staudt.de  

I realize that most old friends have moved somewhere else or are in heaven by now. But if you know something about one of the persons below, just drop me a line with information:

Bill Gibson and Ron Ouse, Mary Chiara, Mr. J. L. Pauly and Many Friedman (Jay-El Products), Elmar W. Potratz and Bill Ralston (Morrison Machine Inc.).
And last but not least: Kathy Lord, a very nice young lady; I must have been blind then!

There are many more, but I think, that there's not enough space here to list all those dear people
I met a long time ago.

Do you like to read more about those ol' days in California?                      California dreaming !

Or do you like to read about the trip I just made back into the Past?        California, a journey back into the past      

Maybe you like to visit the Village with my name in Germany?                  Village with the name Staudt

Or do you like to read something about my Helix-Scooter from Torrance?    My Honda-Helix Scooter

   Please don't hesitate, get in touch with me !





Hello Friends!

Please don't forget to tell me how You managed to find my Site.
If you are irritated about that English and German mix on my Site, just stay at those
California Pages please. But I would like to invite You too to my German Pages: You might learn some German for a better understanding between our countries. 



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