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Hello Friends from all over the World!

Welcome!     Willkommen!



The following pages probably will contain
at least 73 % English words (I hope so).

If there are mistakes and You are not able to understand what I am meaning, just give me a hint by e-mail. If some twisted sentences makes you smile however, then let me leave them for some other friends to smile too.


I am proud to be a "Hamburger"


I was born in Hamburg, spent most of my youth in Hamburg and right now I'm living with my Family just a little bit south of Hamburg.
To be exact: The Borderline is just about 850 meters away . . .
And sometimes it is a real Borderline too . . .

There happen funny things, when strangers meet.
A long time ago, when I was asked how a
"Native Citizen of Hamburg"
is called, I got some funny smiles from my English speaking friends. And now I got used to put a little explanation to that "Hamburger":
"Well, it is true: I am a Hamburger . . . but not as tasty!"




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